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Kevin Deelay

  • Film maker
  • Urban explorer
  • Content creator

The moment I step into an abandoned place, hold my camera and look at the surroundings - I feel freedom. The Urban exploring allows me to see the world from another angle. To see the power of nature and to really experience that if it gets enough time it will always win. Many people just run by and see forgotten places as ugly. For me it's like a walk in a room of art. The details, the shapes, the shadows... everything comes together and creates an indescribable moment.

Urbex for me isn't just about abandoned places, but also places and objects that are in full operation. I just love the challenge to explore them from a non-ordinary citizen view. The Urbex life for me is an amazing adventure, wether it's in the forest, countryside, suburb or in a city. It's both beautiful and scary. Sometimes I don't want to leave the place, and sometimes I wonder if I believe what I actually see.

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My interest for Urban exploration started when I was about 10 years old. Like a lot of young kids I liked to climb in trees and mountains, but pretty soon it became monotonous and boring. Me and a friend used to build different obstacle courses in the basement of the house he lived in. One of us was "the guard" and the other person's mission was to find a way through as quietly as possible, without crashing or breaking anything.

Quite often we were out exploring places such as old shelters and abandoned factories, where we were thrilled to enter without anyone seeing us. We also climbed up on roofs, silos, and not least in scaffoldings around houses and schools. We were always equipped with flashlights and walkie talkies. The scariest moment for me as a kid, was when I in a shelter found a gas mask - an item I had only seen on film. This was back in the days, before year 2000, and before the municipalities closed, demolished and rebuilt places in same extent as now.

Later on I started to organize underground parties, and the environment for these was important to create the atmosphere. My ability to find special places was absolutely perfect, and for several years I surprised the audience with new secret locations - every time.

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